marie mayhew crazy quilt acorn pincushion pattern
crazy quilt acorn pincushion pattern
wool acorn pincushion pattern

Crazy Quilt Acorn Pincushion PDF - NOVEMBER Pincushion

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This pattern is a knit & felt pincushion design. November Pincushion design.

The felted acorn measures about 4-inch/10.16-cm from the base to the top of its stem. The acorn can be knit either as a a crazy quilt or a solid-color design. The crazy quilt acorn's body consists of three knit panels in different colors that are sewn together once the cap is knit.

The cap uses two strands of worsted weight yarn carried together. The cap is knit either as a solid-color or a variegated-color using two different colors. Once felted and stuffed, the crazy quilt acorn is embroidered with the feather stitch along its panels.

Skill Level: intermediate, requires double point needle experience

Materials: worsted weight 100% wool yarn, size 10.5 double point needles, wool roving, wool batt, fiberfill, embroidery floss, chenille needle

Recipe: Peanut Butter Acorn Cookies

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