marie mayhew clay carrot nose
Clay Carrot Nose
Clay carrot nose for woolly snowman pattern, no lines are put on actual carrot nose.

Clay Carrot Nose

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This is for one clay carrot nose. A great alternative to a knit carrot nose for any Woolly Snowman pattern project!

NOTE: The carrot does NOT have the lines etched into each one as shown in the third photo.

Each carrot nose is constructed using modeling clay. Each carrot measures about 1-inch in length. A toothpick is inserted into the carrot's broad end and then baked in the oven. This process creates a sturdy and long-lasting carrot nose for your Woolly Snowman.

Directions for attaching Carrot Noses: To attach the carrot nose to your snowman, simply insert the toothpick end into the face of the snowman. Move it around if needed to determine the best placement. I recommend positioning the nose first, then embroidering the eyes and mouth around the nose. Once position is determined, then pull out the nose and apply a small amount of craft glue to the toothpick and base of carrot. Press the carrot back into position, indenting slightly. Allow the glue to completely air dry. Once dry, press the carrot into the head so the toothpick end slightly pops out the back of the head. Break off the tip and release the toothpick back into the head.  


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