chenille embroidery needles in size 6 and 18
chenille embroidery needles in size 6 and 18

Chenille Embroidery Needles, Size 6 and 18

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The chenille needles are sold in a pack of 4.

A chenille embroidery needle is the perfect needle for working with wool projects for two reasons: it is short and pointy-sharp, and has an eye opening large enough for yarn to go through it! 

Most of my woolly patterns call for the use of a chenille needle, so I am offering two sizes for sale: size #6 and #18.

The needle brand is John James. The #6 needle size has a slender shaft that can be used for finer, detailed embroidery for applique projects without leaving a large hole in your acrylic or wool felt. The #18 needle size is an all-purpose needle for simple embroidery atop wool, for sewing wool and other woolly embellishing purposes.

All needles are sold in packs of four, but if you would like more contact me.

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