seed stitch pumpkin pattern, using worsted weight yarn, marie mayhew designs
seed stitch pumpkin pattern, bottom of pumpkin showing the button blossom end, marie mayhew designs
seed stitch pumpkin pattern, showing two sizes, worsted and fingering weight yarns
top of the seed stitch pumpkin pattern showing the star design, marie mayhew designs
seed stitch pumpkin pattern, marie mayhew designs
seed stitch pumpkin pattern, Just Another Button Company mini clay pins set, marie mayhew designs

Seed-Stitch Pumpkin PDF

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This pattern is a knit-only design. No felting required!

Create a pumpkin with all the texture of a cozy-knit sweater! This seed-stitch pumpkin is an easy knit and quick to assemble - a whimsical addition to any hand-knit pumpkin collection! The finished pumpkin measures about 3.5-inch/8.9 cm high (including the stem) and about 4-inch/10.16 cm wide.

The pumpkin is knit as one continuous piece. No sewing of seams is necessary. Knitting begins at the base, creating an opening used for stuffing the pumpkin with fiberfill and finishes at the stem's tip. The pumpkin's knit surface is the seed-stitch pattern, an alternating 'k1, p1' combination throughout. The stem uses two strands of yarn carried together to knit a thicker rib pattern.

Once the pumpkin is stuffed, six furrow lines are added, creating further definition to its overall shape. The final detail is the blossom end: either a 2-hole button or a small piece of roving and simple needle felting!

Pumpkin picking time!


Experience: intermediate, double point needle experience needed

Materials: worsted weight yarn, size 5 double point needles, fiberfill, 2-hole button (optional), roving and 38-gauge felting needle (optional)

Recipe: Pumpkin Puree for Yogurt