marie mayhew's woolly gingerbread cookie pattern
marie mayhew's woolly gingerbread cookie pattern
close up of wool gingerbread cookie
table decoration, woolly gingerbread cookie pattern

Woolly Gingerbread Cookie booklet

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A knit & felt owl design. A rounded-head and tufted-ear knitted and then felted owl design.

A how-to-knit and felt a wool gingerbread cookie design. No flour, no mess!

This gingerbread cookie is so easy to first knit up and then felt in your washing machine, and even more fun to decorate. This is NOT a needle felting pattern. Needle felting is used for embellishing purposes only.

The cookie comes in two sizes: small and large. The difference being in the yarn and needle size used. Sport weight yarn creates a 3-1/2 inch cookies and worsted weight yarn creates 5 inch cookies.

Skill level: Beginner. A great pattern to learn to felt on!

Materials: 1 skein felt able wool worsted weight yarn to make larger-size cookie, size 10.5 needles, 1 skein of fellable sport weight yarn to make smaller-size cookie, size 8 double point needles, cookie embellishing items.

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