Marie Mayhew's Woolly Beehive Skep pattern
Two sizes, Marie Mayhew Woolly Beehive Skep pattern

Woolly Beehive Skep booklet

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A knit and felt beehive design in two sizes, booklet format.

In the olden days, beehive skeps were baskets made of grass or straw. They were used for housing a colony of bees as they produced their honeycomb. Knit and felt a whimsical beehive as a tribute to the hardest worker out there - the honey bee!

The pattern gives instructions on how to make two sizes: a small and large beehive. The hive is first knit than an I-Cord bind off wraps around the whole thing creating circular cording. After felting, the cording melds and gives the look of woven and tied straw.

he small felted beehive measures about 3-1/2 inches tall and the large, about 5-inches tall.

The pattern also gives directions in how to turn 2-hole bee buttons into buzzing bees that extend out from your bee hive.

Skill Level: intermediate, requires double point needle experience

Materials: worsted weight 100% wool yarn, size 10.5 double point needles, perle floss, fiberfill, poly-pellets, bee buttons

Recipe: Honey Butter